Trekking FAQs

There are a few common questions we get from those coming on a trek. Take a look here to see if you happen to have the same question as someone else had asked in the past! If your question isn’t answered on this page, feel free to ask us!

What is the weather like?

Who knows…

Though you can read more about the weather in the area HERE.

Can the Riwuqi to Gonga Temple be done in less than 5 days? 

Yes, if you are in really good shape.

Will Patru be going with us if we book through Trek Gonga?

Not necessarily, but he arranges guides that he trusts.  If this is important to you, please let us know and we will try to establish a new cost and see if we can work with his schedule for your trek.

Are there wild animals to be worried about? 

There are wolves, bears and boars in the area.  But they avoid humans entirely.  The biggest concern is the Yeti’s and their attraction to hippy travelers.

How long should we take to acclimatize? 

See our information on altitude sickness HERE

How much do you rent equipment for? 

See our equipment suggestions HERE.

Are there any villages in the area and along the trek?

There are no villages once you leave Kangding all the way until Tseimi village at the south end. This means you will need to bring all of your food and supplies with you on the trek, as you won’t have a chance to purchase anything along the way.

Can we order food at the Gonga Temple? 

Anything is possible, but you shouldn’t count on it.  You should plan to bring your own food. 

Still have questions? Ask Away?

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