Reservations 预定

It works best to make reservations in advance!  We hate to have you walk up the hill and not have a bed for you.




First, choose a room 选择房间 from here on the website that you’d like to stay in.  Then fill out the room inquiry form at the bottom of this page so we have an idea of the type of rooms/rooms you are looking for. You may also contact us in one of the following ways with what dates you’d like to stay with us, and a phone number or e-mail where we can reach you.

PHONE 预定请致电: +86 (0836) 283 1100

E-MAIL 发送邮件至:



Once confirmed, we will guarantee the room for you until 6pm.   If you have not shown up and we have not heard from you, your room may be given to someone else after 6pm.  To avoid this, contact us on how to guarantee the room via bank deposit.


Reservations can also be made through Zhilam Hostel on does not always show accurately our current availability, so if it shows no rooms available, or not the rooms you are looking for, please still contact us directly!  Also, you will save money to book directly with us here through our website.



If you don’t have a reservation in advance, welcome to come on up and see if we have room!   When you arrive in Kangding, you may try to find your own way to us or have your taxi give us a call and we will direct your taxi up here.  Hostel Reception: +86 (0836) 283 1100

到达:当你到达康定,你可以按照徒步的方式或让出租车师傅致电我们 +86(0836)283 1100


Sorry, our hostel does allow pets to stay in rooms. Thank you for your cooperation.



Kangding is great to visit with a group. If you are bringing a group to Kangding, please contact us for a reservation.  We want to be able to make sure there is enough room available and to provide you and your group service that suits your needs!  We have several available public areas where your group can meet.  We also can provide group meals.  Contact us in advance to arrange this.

We require a deposit for the first night when the group is 8 or more persons.

As you begin your planning, take a look at and find answers to these questions that we will need to have answers to before you arrive:


1. When would you like to arrive?

2. When do you hope to depart?

3. Will you be staying here once? Or will you be coming before a tour, then returning after the tour ends?


1. How many rooms/beds do you need?

2. Which type of rooms do you need? i.e. dorm style or private rooms.

3. Are you open to sharing dorm rooms with other guests? Or would you prefer whole rooms to yourselves?

4. Will girls and guys need to be in separate rooms?


1. Do you have any special transportation requests we can help with?


1. Are there any individuals with food allergies in your group?

2. Do you have any special meal requests? i.e. joint meals like a pizza party or yak roast dinner, or an early (before 8 am) breakfast.

3. How many meals & which ones will you be eating at the hostel?


1. Would you like an educational talk on Tibetan Culture?

2. Do you need help planning any of your time in the area? Or have questions about the area?


1. Who is the point person for your group?

2. How is the best way to communicate with them?


1. How will you be paying for your time here?

2. Will everything be on one bill, or split up between group members?

3. If in a school group, will teachers be on the group bill, or each have their own?

Fill out this form to submit a request for a reservation at Zhilam Hostel.

Please note that submitting this form is not a confirmation for a reservation, but a request.  We will be in touch with you soon to work with you to book a room.

We look forward to hosting you!

Room Inquiry 客房查询

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