Zhilam Connections


We are trying to create a list of guest blogs and websites relating to Zhilam Hostel, travel in our area, or telling their stories.  If you would like contribute, please email us.


In November 2017 we hosted a Czech mountaineering team for the second year in a row.  This year they managed to summit Gongga Mountain which is exceedingly difficult to do!  See their articles and interviews here:


Chinese Newspaper




“I gave this interview in your hostel. I was laughing because last year, when we were in your hostel, you were interviewing the television. This year I was the tv star in your hostel :-)”


Interview and short video (Czech TV)




Short news in English




Two short trailers for their upcoming movie









InterChina stays at Zhilam Hostel










Ian Taylor is a photographer that has us all captivated and mesmerized.  Great pictures of Ganzi Prefecture.










Charlie McRae visited us in 2016 and took some great shots in and around Litang.  His photographs include horse festivals and sky burials.










Mason_058343.jpgMason Unrau describes the end of his Gonnga Trekk and getting to Zhilam in his blog.









  • A German couple traveling around the world since April 2014 who visited our hostel has a very nice blog.  “We love nature, exploring remote areas and discovering widely unknown places.  Our travel blog is in German.”


  • Robert Dhiraj put a 9 minute video up on You Tube with a slideshow from Kham (Eastern Tibet) where he spent 4 weeks in 2015.


  • A Day in Kangding” features a few shots of Zhilam Hostel, good takes inside the local monasteries, market scenes and hiking.


  • A Friend’s Movie” features a short movie made by our friends in Chengdu.  Most of the footage takes place in Chengdu, the sea food market, pet street, side walk ear cleaning, and a quick slide show towards the end of a trip to visit us in Kangding.


  • eleMental   Zhilam Hostel is mentioned on the elemental paragliding website.  The site includes a hair raising story about paragliding in  TaGong.


  • Mountain bikers from Brakingbounderies bring us new GMX and KML files of directions to Zhilam and their review.


  • Marion Shay visits the land of her birth during a monumental trip in 2013.  Kangding is where her parents lived back in 1940s.




  • USA TODAY ARTICLE We were shocked to be on the front cover of USA Today (July 13th)!  In the hard copy we are told that our picture is the main item on the page.  We never would have imagined something like this happening. Please contact us for questions or comments on our contact page.  See our USA Today Online Article