Note that these are just suggestions of what WE would want to have with us on a trek in these mountains. You may decide to take more or less than what is on this list, it’s up to you!

Things we consider necessities.....
  • Good boots or walking shoes

  • several pairs of socks

  • layered clothing

  • rain gear

  • sleeping bag

  • tent

  • stove

  • gas canister

  • cutlery, pots and pans

  • sunscreen

  • first aid supplies

  • rope

  • hat to blocking the sun

  • sunglasses

  • chapstick

  • water filter or water purification tablets

  • water bottle/bottles

Things that you might find useful to have along.....
  • Sat phone
  • GPS or GPS-enabled cell phone

  • If bringing electronics, you might want to look into a solar charger for recharging

  • Buff (those tube things that you wear around your neck and can pull up to cover you mouth, etc.)

  • Weights (In case trekking Minya Konka is not enough of a challenge and you want to add weight to what you are carrying 😜)

Renting Equipment from Zhilam Hostel

Zhilam Hostel carries a variety of trekking equipment you may rent for your trek if you don’t want to bring everything with you. If you are interested in renting any of the equipment listed here, ask us, and we will get back to with with the availability of that item for your trek.

FAQs about Trekking Equipment & Supplies

See our Trekking FAQ page HERE

Questions? Ask Away?

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