Dining Out

Try out some of our favorite local cafes and restaurants:


Zhilam Hostel’s Restaurant  By far our favorite restaurant in town!  Clean, safe, Western and Tibetan food. 

Himalayan Coffee  The only other foreign business in town…cheesecakes and lattes are the best!

Kangba Restaurant and Liu Xue Xi  Our favorite local restaurants in town serving Sichuan food with a Tibetan flavor.

Kou Fu Yuan Restaurant  This restaurant is a favorite of locals and serves soft-off-the-bone ribs.

Malaya Tibetan Restaurant  With a passion for Tibetan culture, Sheyrab, the Tibetan owner who studied business in the Netherlands, serves up a great introduction.

Da Tong Xiao Che  Try a variety of jiaozis (dumplings) steamed or fried.  There is usually a line out the door, so you know this place is good!

Gangla Flower Restaurant  Looking for a small family run Tibetan restaurant?  Authentic Tibetan food.

Dicos  Nothing like a bit of fast food & ice cream every now and then?!  Beats KFC.

And yes, it’s true, Kangding does now have it’s own KFC, though we don’t know why you would want to go there…..