Kangba and Liu Xui Xi Restaurants

Kangba Restaurant

by Lavinia Kangba Restaurant is located near the town square on the second level of a building. Keep an eye out for the sign below and you shouldn’t miss it. The cuisine here is very much Chinese, but the dishes tend to be less oily, depending on what you are ordering. Welcome to Kangba Restaurant The dishes also contain many ingredients, compared to one or two that is typical of most dishes. A few of my favorite dishes are fried green beans with garlic, corn covered in salty egg, sweet and sour chicken, and beef stir-fry. Cashew Chicken Corn covered in salty egg Beef Stir-fry   In 2016 Lavinia Tanassa came and volunteered with us during the summer.  She helped us with teaching our staff English, writing blog posts and editing an English training manual.