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Visit Temples, Mosques & Churches

Kangding has a rich history or culture and religions.  There are four major monasteries.

Nga Chu Monastery (AnJueSi) dates back to 1652.  It sits downtown right across from the Kangding Hotel.

Lhamo Tse Monastery (NanWuSi) is on the far west end of Kangding about 2km from downtown.

Dordrak Monastery (JingGangSi) is more than 400 years old.  It is located near the Tibetan Medicine Hospital on the south end of town.

Dentok Monastery (PaoMaSi) lies on top of Mt. Paoma, which overlooks all of Kangding.

Kangding also hosts a mosque, a catholic church started in the 1890’s by French Jesuits, and a protestant church, started in the 1920s by American and then British missionaries.  Zhilam Hostel has some of the biographies of these people who used to live in Kangding.

Dong Da Mosque is the place of worship for Kangding’s Muslim community.  The main mosque has just been redone in 2016.  It is located on Dong Da Xiao Jie Street, on a back street across the river from the town square.  During prayer times on Friday afternoons, foreigners are not allowed to enter the mosque.