Tourist Shopping

There is also a variety of stores selling all sorts of goods.  Do take a moment to enjoy some of the signs.

There are a couple of good places to go shopping for Tibetan souvenirs in Kangding.  The first place is all along the street of Xin Shi Qian Jie.  This street sells everything from Tibetan music CDs to sheep wool-lined Tibetan coats.  Another place is all along the back side of the People’s Square, located in the middle of town.

Zhilam Hostel also sells tourist products all handmade by local Tibetans.  We have bags made with yak hair, jewelry, yak milk soap, leather & fur slippers, postcards, baby blankets, pillow covers, table runners, Tibetan hats and more.  Zhilam Hostel sells for several different companies that are doing fair trade among Tibetans, designing products that can be made using local materials and with local designs.  We have products from Amdo & Kham area and Lhasa.  Help us support these amazing companies!  See the Zhilam Hostel menu for which company’s products we are currently selling.  We still currently do not take any financial cut from the products we sell, but use the proceeds to help continue preserving Tibetan handicrafts.