Things To Do at Zhilam Hostel

Zhilam Sketch

  • Relax, eat, drink, and get to know others.
  • Use our Meditation Room located on the very top floor.  Speak to someone at the front desk to inquire if its available.
  • Watch a movie.  We have a collection of over 1,000 DVDs in our TV room.
  • Research your trip.  We have numerous picture books, maps, and introductory books available.
  • Use the library.  We have a growing library of books for exchange or purchase.
  • Read up on Kangding history.  In a protected cabinet we have a great selection of old autobiographies, theses on Buddhist Culture, Tibetan Art and Medicine. These books can be borrowed while at the hostel, but each book needs to be listed on your tab. A lost or damaged book may cost a replacement fee as some of them are hard to procure.
  • Volunteer with us. Depending on the time of year, we may have volunteer projects to do with Tibetan painting, teaching a language in a local school, visiting kids in the hospital, carpentry, plumbing, or something you might be skilled at that we aren’t!
  • Interview one of our staff on their culture, religion, dreams, and ambitions!
  • Browse our items for sale which include hand weaved bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, etc. We’ve already done the hard work of searching out attractive & good quality products.  Many of the products are handmade by Tibetans.