Room 7

Dorm Room 7 sleeps 6 people and is considered part of our Rental Apartment. Each bed can be reserved individually as a bed in the dorm, but can also be reserved as a private room at the rate listed below. Room 7 has two sets of bunk beds in a back area separated by a curtain and two Tibetan beds in the front area.  Room 7 shares a bathroom with one other room, Room 6, a private room next door.

Dorm Bed Rate: 50 RMB/night

Holiday Dorm Bed Rate:  100 RMB/night


Room Rate: 300 RMB/night

Holiday Rate:  600 RMB/night




Rental Apartment Rates


Room 6 (2 beds) + Dorm Room 7 (6 beds) along with kitchenette & laundry facilities:



Rental Rate:  500 RMB/night

Holiday Rate: 900 RMB/night