Hiring Private Vehicles

  • Taking private cars can be dangerous.  Drivers may not be licensed, be physically tired from driving and/or be uninsured.
  • Always do your best to evaluate your driver to make sure they are likely to be a semi-safe driver, that they are licensed and that they carry insurance.
  • Every now and then, local security officials pull over private vehicles to make sure they carry the correct licenses that enables them to act as taxis.
  • Only pay your driver once you have arrived at your agreed destination.


Zhilam’s Policy on Arranging Private Vehicles

The staff of Zhilam Hostel do not charge any extra money when we introduce you to a driver.  The entire sum of the money should be paid in full to the driver.  Please know that we will not be liable in any way or form during your trip.  Take private cars at your own risk and handle payment directly with the driver.


Can we rent a car in Chengdu or Kangding?

Yes, you can rent a car in Chengdu, but you won’t be able to drive it yourself if you don’t have a Chinese driver’s license.  International driver’s licenses are not recognized in China and one has to pass the driver’s exam in order to get a Chinese license.  Therefore, you will need to rent a car with a driver.  There are no car rental agencies in Kangding, but there are plenty of cars and drivers in all towns waiting for you to hire them to take you basically anywhere you want to go.  There are car rental agencies in Chengdu where you can book a car with a driver and set up your own itinerary.