Food Shopping

There are plenty of places for grocery shopping in Kangding.  You can walk down the street and find fresh produce pretty much anywhere.  A couple of go-to’s for us have been the wet market down the river by the bus station and SPAR Supermarket.

Kangding has a very large wet market where you can buy a large selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, wild local mushrooms, nuts and meats.  It is located at the base of GuoDa mountain.  To find it, you walk down from the hostel and follow the river.  It’s right by the statue of the archer.  Yak heads are often kept out for shoppers in order to prove the freshness, so you will probably enjoy getting some special photos as well as supplies!

The best supermarket in town is SPAR Supermarket, located several stores down from Himalayan Coffee.  To find it, you walk down the street just to the left of Himalayan Coffee.  The entrance will be on the right side not very far down the street.  After the street entrance, you will go down a small set of stairs and turn to the right inside the building.  SPAR Supermarket offers more than just food ingredients; it also sells things like housewares, hygiene and cosmetics, laundry detergents, room furnishings, and even toys for kids.  Right outside the supermarket are some small clothing and jewelry vendors.

Start or finish your date with a wonderful treat from Himalayan Coffee!