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    Chemey was an employee at Zhilam Hostel for over a year.  We came to love him!  His English is great, his desire to learn and teach is inspiring, and his gentle, caring attitude makes him a person you thoroughly enjoy being around!  Please contact Chemey to get a quote on hiring his guide services:


    Phone   +86 183 0287 6665

    WeChat   Chemey3

    Chemey’s Self-Introduction


    My name is Chemey Wangyal.  I was born in Tibet and grew up with a nomadic family.  I studied English, Tibetan, Buddhism and Tibetan culture for many years in school.  I can speak 3 dialects of Tibetan, English, French, and Chinese.  I enjoy being a tour guide because I get to share what I have learned with people from around the world who come to Tibet to travel to learn.  And because of my guests, I have gained lot of experience in working throughout a variety of environments around Tibet.


    I have a lot of experience working with clients from many countries like America, France, Australia, Germany, Russia and so on as a tour guide, I toured many places like Amdo and Kham areas.  I believe that I can share Tibetan culture and Buddhism with brothers and sisters from all across the world.  I always told myself that more you gain experiences, more you can share things with visitors and more they can understand things from you, the more they can nourish their learning.  That’s the true meaning of life because learning never ends.


    I am fascinated in learning foreign languages and wanting to gain more experience.  So, I must try to do something good, something useful, with my life because I thought that if I contribute to other people’s happiness, I would find the true goal, the true meaning of life.  In additional, traveling with visitors is my happiness because now I can speak multiple languages including different Tibetan dialects.  “Sharing is caring and caring is loving.”  That is how I show rather than tell.


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