Overland Routes

The roads in Sichuan are not known as the most comfortable roads in China. Most of the countries roads are narrow and often blocked for some reasons such as construction work, accidents, landslides due to heavy rain etc.  Please be prepared for traveling longer than expected.


Travel Routes Compliments of

Land of Snows

Overland from Chengdu to Shangrila: Kangding-Litang-Daocheng-Yading Nature Reserve-Xiancheng-Shangri-la (6 days)

Overland from Kangding to Yushu


Journey from Kangding to Chengdu through the Gyarong Region: Kangding-Tagong-Danba-Ma’erkang-Chengdu (6 days)

Journey from Kangding to Chengdu through the Amdo Region: Kangding-Tagong-Danba-Ma’erkang-Hongyuan-Ruo’ergai-Songpan-Jiuzhaigou National Park-Chengdu (11 days)

Journey from Kangding to Tagong, Litang and Batang: Kangding-Tagong-Yajiang-Litang-Batang (7 days)

Journey from Kangding to Dege and Yushu, the Heart of Kham: Kangding-Ganzi-Dege-Manigango-Shiqu-Yushu (7 days)

Journey from Kangding to Xining through Gyarong and Amdo: Kangding-Tagong-Danba-Ma’erkang-Hongyuan-Tangke-Ruo’ergai-Langmusi-Xiahe-Xining (13 days)


And a few extra links from Lobsang…

The Sichuan Part of Kham

Yading Nature Reserve

Cycling in Tibet

My Favorite Towns across the Himalaya  Lobsang features Kangding as one of his favorite towns…  Lobsang and his wife worked as a manager at Zhilam Hostel for a year, and had time to explore the amazing places that lie hiding in these mountains around Kangding.

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