Reservations 预定

Please do your very best to make reservations in advance.  We hate to have you walk up the hill and not have a bed for you.





First, choose a room 选择房间 from here on the website that you’d like to stay in.  Then contact us in one of the following ways with what dates you’d like to stay with us.


PHONE 预定请致电: +86 (0836) 283 1100

E-MAIL 发送邮件至:


Once confirmed, we will guarantee the room for you until 6pm.   If you have not shown up and we have not heard from you, your room may be given to someone else after 6pm.  To avoid this, contact us on how to guarantee the room via bank deposit.

预订政策 我们会保留你的预订,从你所保留的日期开始直到当天的下午6点。如果你还没有抵达你所安排的时间内,你的保留可能会被取消,你的床位将会被占用。为了保证您的预付床位的定金和保证你的房间,请与我们联系。


Reservations can also be made through Zhilam Hostel on does not always show accurately our current availability, so if it shows no rooms available, or not the rooms you are looking for, please still contact us directly!  Also, you will save money to book directly with us here through our website.




If you don’t have a reservation in advance, welcome to come on up and see if we have room!   When you arrive in Kangding, you may try to find your own way to us or have your taxi give us a call and we will direct your taxi up here.  Hostel Reception: +86 (0836) 283 1100

到达:当你到达康定,你可以按照徒步的方式或让出租车师傅致电我们 +86(0836)283 1100

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