No one knows the Gongga area as well as Patru.  Let Patru arrange guides and a plan for you through his back yard of high mountains, wildlife, and adventure.  This yis his first year to try starting his own trekking business.  Will you be a part of helping this wonderful Tibetan man start up a business?  There may be mistakes (we all make mistakes first time around), he doesn’t speak the greatest English, but he has the biggest heart!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a little intro to Patru and Minyak Gongga Tours

Patru grew up as a nomad boy in the village of YuLongXi. Herding yaks through all the valleys and passes was second nature to him before becoming a teenager.  Now with his own kids grown up, Patru has been  organizing and time permitting actually guiding guests on treks throughout the Gongga area over the last 10 years.  Having Patru organize your once in a lifetime trek to Gongga is definitely going to make your trip more pleasant and sure than any other method I know of.





IMG_7463“Patru is responsible, careful, and always joyful. It is always a pleasure to have him around Zhilam Hostel.  In this picture, he is helping our two year old daughter walk at 5,000m+”    Owners Kris and Stephanie





“Patzu has been guiding groups of our students annually since 2006. His number onegrouppriority is safety and he will ensure you are in safe hands at all times. He is extremely friendly and humble and is extremely popular with all the staff and students who meet him who immediately warm to him. He has willingly shared his love of the area and the culture with us. The most important aspect is Patzus reliability he and the teams of horse men and women he arranges have never let us down and we have had many great treks in the area thanks to him. I think he will adapt his guiding dependent on the experience and needs of the clients.”  Andy Morris, South Island School, Hong Kong.

Organized Tours

Kangding-Gongga Monastery via Riwuqi

This is a popular 5 day hike starting in Kangding and ending at the 12 century Gongga Monastery.  Basic package includes a horseman, adequate number of horses (for carrying supplies–not people), Monastery and park entry fees and transportation to trail head and guide 1.

Night 1 Camp at Da Cao Ba Grasslands

Day 2 Leisurely walk up a beautiful valley with rushing glacier rivers.  Snow mountains in front and behind you.

Night 2 Camp at Shang RiWuQi

Day 3 Tough trek up Riwuqi Pass (4,900m) alongside the beautiful Mt. Riwuqi, its glaciers and the turquoise lake.  Descend into Buchi Valley.

Night 3 Camp in Buchi Valley

Day 4 Trek past beautiful lakes and glaciers making your way to Gongga Monastery.

Night 4 Stay in Gongga Monastery

Rest or take a day hike out from Gongga Monastery to Gongga base camp

Night 5 Stay in Gongga Monastery

Day 6 Hike three hours out to Tsemi Village where the trek officially ends. 2

Basic Package:

1 person is RMB 4,700

2-3 person is RMB3,000 total/person

4-5 person is RMB2,500 total/person


Food, Stove and Cook Package:

1 person is an additional RMB 200/day

2+ people is an additional RMB 100/day/person (ie two people is 200 + 100=300/day; four people is 200 + 300=500/day)


Horse Riding Package:

If you would like us to organize the whole expedition by horseback, we charge:

RMB 300 per horse needed.


1English guide (we feel is not necessary) will require additional fees (about RMB 700/day plus transport)

2Arranged return transport from Tsemi to Kangding (RMB 1,200) additional.  From Tsemi, you may travel on your own to wonderful Tibetan villages without a guide.

Kangding-Riwuqi Pass Excursion (or similar trip)

Keep your journey shorter and make it a round trip by taking in the sites in and around Riwuqi pass.  Total 4 days from start to finish.  Great views of snow mountains, glaciers, lakes, and wild life.

Costs include a horseman (guide) and horses (does not include tents, meals, etc):

For one person/day: RMB 360

For two people/day: RMB 480

For three people/day: RMB 600

For four people/day: RMB 720

For five people or more (add RMB120/person) plus a large group fee of RMB 500 (one time/group)

Gongga Kora

Follow the way of the pilgrims by making a whole circuit of Mt. Gongga 10 days.  Starting point can be Kangding or Luding

Day 2 Visit the amazing glacier via cable cars and return to hotel.

Day 3 Travel to Caoke

Included in the price

Gongga Monastery by Car

This is an option for those who aren’t so keen on trekking, but would still like the once in a life time opportunity to lay eyes on the majestic Gongga Peak.  We’ll arrange all transport, lodging, food, horses and guide.  All that’s left for you is to take a ride (by car and horse) and you’ll be at the ancient monastery gazing on Gongga’s shinny glaciers and peak.


Please ask for a quote

Contact Us

Minyak Gonga Trours
China: Sichuan Province, Kangding County, BaiTuKan Village

+86 136-9814-1877 (Chinese)

+86    (English)


Deposit: We ask for a  RMB 1,000 non-refundable deposit per person.  We can send you a request for deposit by Paypal.

***Recently we found lots of rubbish left behind all along Moxi Gou to Mt Gongga, we are sad about that. We hope all our visitors leave only your footsteps and bring back all beautiful memories and help us protect this incredible beauty! Many thanks!***


Tagong YaLaSummer PastureWater Spring












1天:从康定出发,夜宿格萨尔草滩;2天: 沿着风光绮丽的河谷向盘盘山山顶行进,观赏前后的巍峨雪峰,夜晚在日乌切山露宿帐篷;


4天: 继续观赏冰川和玉木措湖的同时,挺进老贡嘎寺,夜宿老贡嘎寺;











Mirror Pools


Riwuqie Gou Red Stone




Gonga Base Camp








Gonga Temple


第1天: 从康定乘车出发;





Flowr FieldMoxi Gou Rubbish











联系电话: 86-136-9814-1877

86-135-6888-8384 (英语)



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