2016 Bus Schedule (starting point: Kangding)

Destination 终点站 Departure Time 发车 Cost 票价
6:00AM ¥169.00
LiTang 理塘 7:00AM ¥90.50
9:00AM ¥90.50
DaoCheng 稻城 6:00AM ¥151.00
XiangCheng 乡城 6:00AM ¥143.50
DeRong 得荣 6:00AM ¥230.50
Ganzi 甘孜 6:00AM ¥109.00
9:00AM ¥132.50
XinLong 新龙 6:15AM ¥119.00
DeGe 德格 6:00AM ¥190.00
DanBa 丹巴 7:30AM ¥55.00
2:30PM ¥55.00
BaiYu 白玉 6:00AM ¥218.00
Seda 色达 6:00AM ¥131.00
DaoFu 道孚 7:00AM ¥63.00
ShiQu 石渠 6:00AM ¥243.00
JiuLong 九龙 7:30AM ¥89.00
JiuLongErQu 九龙二区 9:00AM ¥102.00
Emei 峨眉 6:30AM ¥140.00
AnYue 安岳 7:00AM ¥200.00
LiJiang 丽江 7:30AM ¥183.50
ShiMian 石棉 7:30AM ¥49.00
9:30AM ¥44.00
4:00PM ¥49.00
Ya’An 雅安 7:30AM ¥90.00
10:30AM ¥96.00
12:30PM ¥96.00
4:00PM ¥90.00
PuJiang 浦江 8:00AM ¥120.50
JiuXiang 九襄 8:00AM ¥74.00
HanYuan 汉源 6:30AM ¥66.00
ShuangLiu 双流 8:30AM ¥151.50
QiongLai 邛崃 12:00PM ¥107.50
RenShou 仁寿 6:45AM ¥150.00
MeiShan 眉山 8:00AM ¥148.00
ZiGong 自贡 6:00AM ¥157.50
Leshan 乐山 7:00AM ¥133.00
ChongQing 重庆 6:00AM ¥261.00
LuZhou 泸州 6:30AM ¥251.00
NanChong 南充 6:20AM ¥195.00
Chengdu North Train Station 成都火车北站 6:00AM ¥137.00
7:00AM ¥137.00
8:00AM ¥137.00
11:00AM ¥137.00
11:30AM ¥137.00
WuHuoCi 武侯祠 6:00AM ¥137.00
Chengdu XiNanMen  西南门车站
7:00AM ¥137.00
8:00AM ¥137.00
Deluxe w/WC 大巴 (带卫生间) 9:00AM ¥158.00
Deluxe w/o WC 大巴 (不带卫生间) 10:00AM ¥147.00
12:00PM ¥137.00
2:00PM ¥137.00
4:00PM ¥137.00
Zhilam Hostel staff are happy to buy bus tickets on your behalf for a surcharge of RMB 10/ticket.  Please ask the Front Desk prior to 9am
PRIVATE VEHICLES Dear Guest, The staff of Zhilam Hostel do not charge any extra money when we introduce you to a driver.  The entire sum of the money should be paid in full to the driver.  Please know that we will not be held liable in any way or form during your trip. Thanks, Zhilam Management  亲爱的顾客, 我们汇道客栈的员工,当为你们介绍包车司傅,是不会收取任何额外费用。全数的费用是需要给予包车司傅的。请留意﹕我们汇道客栈,也不会承担你们在旅程当中任何责任。 谢谢你们的关注 汇道客栈


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